Lost-ish: The Noquemanon Trail

Frequently when I visit, my brother and I take our niece hiking. She loves it! (So do we!) So this trip we decided to take a quick hike along one of the Noquemanon Trails. As my bro explained, they are a work in-progress and some are incomplete.

Still, he’d been on the trail we were to go on before, and at the beginning, the path was well-marked. We took the Gorge Trail, which follows the fast and furious Carp River.

Fast-forward three hours, when we were still on a trail, yes, but with no markings at all. Ahem. Confident we would eventually arrive back a civilization, we carried onward. Someone *may* have received a ride part-way…

Molly and JonMolly on pathButtercupsRiverRiver forget me notsForget me notsJon and RobinBridgeMolly pointingPicturesqueFernsForestGreenSignageTrailTiredThimbleberrySummer ski hillPurple flowersDaisies

Beware! At the end of the Gorge Hike, the trail continues but the signage does NOT! We somehow got off the official trail we were following and on to one that led to Marquette Mountain (the ski hill!) Fortunately, it’s perched along the highway, so we followed it back a half-mile or so to the car.

I hope they are able to put the last bits of signage up, because it is a lovely hike.


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