Portage Lake Light

My dad has a powerboat called Our Miss Brooks; it was built in 1957. The motor on it is from 1958. Strangely, wondrously, it still runs. It’s named after the television show Our Miss Brooks – and is nod, I guess, to our last name.

He used to have it on the water all the time and was an expert water-skiier, doing tricks and riding on one ski. But the boat has been out of commission for several years … until this summer!

I had a short – but sweet – tour of Portage Bay on vacay, and, prepare yourself … there will be lighthouse photos. More than are necessary, but hey, I have to make up for a few years! You’ll find the Portage Lake Lower Entry Light below.

Our Miss BrooksMom and RobinBarnWakeLakeside houseDream houseSky meets lakePerspectiveWake rainbowBrown barnDaddioWater shimmerMomWake part 2Portage Lake LighthouseBetter lighthouse close-upAngles


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