Scatter Joy. Womxn's March. Women are perfect sign.

Womxn’s Rally 2017

There’s nothing like joining tens of thousands of people on bright, cold day in January to fight for what you believe in, and that’s just what I did over the weekend in the Womxn’s March. I believe in civil rights for all, human rights for all, and as a wise man once told me, “special privilege to none.”

Of course we live in an age where people are privileged, and I acknowledge that I’m one of them. White, rich by global standards (if not my own!), relatively young, fit, able-bodied – I could go on, but I think you get the drift. My hope by marching was to show that I am an ally to those who have been marginalized, and to say, by way of joining this massive group of like-minded people, that what is happening the U.S. right now is not okay.

I walked for eight women in addition to myself and carried a board with their names and representational ribbons attached, a tangible reminder that there were people who were not able to be there due to their circumstances. These photos are from the rally that happened beforehand; I have more to come from the actual march. Some soft focus intentionally added.

Scatter Joy. Womxn's March

Scatter Joy. Womxn's March. Protesters under a


Scatter Joy. Womxn's March. Protesters in trees.


Scatter Joy. Womxn's March. Girls just wanna have fundamental rights.


Scatter Joy. Womxn's March. Protect what you love sign.


Scatter Joy. Womxn's March. Rally sign.


Scatter Joy. Womxn's March. Fight like a girl sign.


Scatter Joy. Womxn's March. Black Lives Matter sign, Judkins Park


Scatter Joy. Womxn's March. Crowd scene.

Equality. Equity. Meaning. Joy. On we go.





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