Scatter Joy. Hale's Palladium interior.

Hale’s Palladium

My friend Simon runs the Fremont Players, a British pantomime group that puts on a play each year. This year they did Rapunzelstiltskin. It was a hilarious piece, wrought with humor, political commentary and jokes that went (delightfully) over the heads of the great throng of children watching the production.

As you can imagine from the name, the company did a mash-up of Rapunzel and Rumpelstiltskin. It was very clever, with a satisfying ending and wet-yourself-funny jokes.

The show ran at Hale’s Palladium, a giant box-like venue that suited the production perfectly. Here are a few shots of the palladium, as of course I couldn’t take any during the performance.

Scatter Joy. Hale's Palladium exterior.

Scatter Joy. Hale's Palladium interior.

Scatter Joy. Hale's Paladium star lights.

Scatter Joy. Hale's Palladium airplane mural.Scatter Joy. Feeling tipsy?Scatter Joy. Hale's Palladium seating area.Scatter Joy. Rapunzelstiltskin program, Fremont Players.

Scatter Joy. Hale's Palladium, Moisture Festival lights.
Moisture Festival lights.

Scatter Joy. Hale's Palladium. Paper lanterns.

Scatter Joy. Fremont Players founder Simon Neale.

The man woman of the hour, AKA the Fremont Players’ fearless founder, MC and resident Twankey, Simon Neale. (Also, twinning…)

Scatter Joy. Hale's Palladium paper lanterns.

Isn’t this place amazing? Just love the colors, the imagination, the whole vibe. Hope you do, too! And if you get the chance next year, the panto is well worth a trip!




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