Scatter Joy. Records on a shelf.

Daybreak Records

It’s my birthday weekend and my friends and I have had loads of fun. I cannot wait to show you more, as in burgers, theater, and the best dessert in Seattle (!), but in the meantime, I wanted to give you a glimpse of this cute little record shop in Fremont called Daybreak Records.

We popped in here between venues to check out the selection and were not disappointed. They offer tons of well-priced vinyl, in good condition, and some of it difficult to find. Discover jazz, 80’s, blues and punk choices, and even a clearance section! From Madonna to the Rolling Stones, the Bee Gees to Joni Mitchell, they have something for all tastes.

Scatter Joy. Daybreak Records sign.

Scatter Joy. Records on a shelf.

Scatter Joy. Daybreak Records.
Sharon, getting in the groove.

Scatter Joy. Records lined up.

Scatter Joy. The Cars album.
This place was just what we needed.

Scatter Joy. Daybreak Records.

Scatter Joy. Record shopping.
Jenny, perusing.
Scatter Joy. Daybreak Records.
Kristin on the hunt.

They buy albums if you’ve got any to spare – otherwise, they play great music, so stop in and give it a spin (<-see what I did there?) 😉



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