Scatter Joy. The North Face Jester backpack embellished with a pin

Backpack savvy

According to my brother Jon, you should put careful thought into the purchases that you’ll use the most, and spend more on them accordingly. This had proven to be good advice so far.

He gave me this suggestion when I was in the market for a laptop (something that I use every. single. day.) and I agreed to plunk down more than I wanted to for the luxury of speed, reliability and memory. Of course, he was totally right; I ❤ my laptop.

Based on this success, I decided I try his strategy again when I was in the market for a new backpack. Since I’m a commuter who spends a lot of time on the bus, there were several considerations to be made in regard to this new purchase.

Of course it should be stylish.

Scatter Joy. The blue North Face Jester backpack sits in a chair.

But also a workhorse.

Scatter Joy. Inner pockets of North Face Jester backpack.
All those pockets. Practical and functional.

A side-pocket for my umbrella preferred.

Scatter Joy. A polka-dot umbrella tucked into the North Face Jester backpack

A second side-pocket is an unexpected bonus.

Scatter Joy. Water bottle tucked into the side pocket of the North Face Jester backpack.

A protected area for my aforementioned laptop.

Laptop, dark grey, snuggled in its new home.

I also wanted a pack that would be ergonomically easy on my back. This one comes with an endorsement from the American Chiropractic Association! And reflective strips on the straps for nighttime walking. And a lifetime warranty.

So which one did I choose? The North Face Jester model, which has so far surpassed my expectations. Worth every cent. And actually very reasonably priced.

Scatter Joy. The North Face Jester backpack embellished with a pin

Just look at it up there, sitting pretty!


PS: I used a coat of waterproofing on it – highly recommend!

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