Scatter Joy. Fox and owl cupcakes.

Owl and fox baby shower

My friend Kelly of Feathers&Flowers just had a baby! So it seemed like a good time to put up a post about her furry-and-feathered baby shower which happened late last year. Hoping the photos will cheer her on during the recovery process.

The shower itself was cute as a button – just like her new little guy is.

Scatter Joy. Fox and owl cupcakes.

Scatter Joy. Feasting table with cake.
The spread.
Scatter Joy. Baby shower table of presents.
The goodies.
Scatter Joy. Fox and leaf decor baby shower decor.
The decor.

Scatter Joy. Raffia and leaf decor.

Scatter Joy. Onesie contest decor with foxes.

Scatter Joy. Onesie decorating, baby love.
I made this one!
Scatter Joy. Onesie reads: poop happens.
You know it.
Scatter Joy. Marzipan fox cake.
The magnificent fox cake. That someone baked. And sculpted. And painted by hand.
Scatter Joy. Marzipan fox on cake.
Marzipan fox detail on cake.

We wrote our wishes for the baby’s future on scraps of paper and gave them to Kelly for safekeeping. If he’s anything like his mom, I’m sure he’ll be both clever and wise!




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