Scatter Joy. Close-up of a duck.

Green Lake Avians: Part 3

Hey, it’s National Bird Day! What better day to show you the third, and final (for the moment), installment featuring feathered friends. Though I had never heard of NBD before today, I do, in fact, love birds, so it seems like a fine day.

One of my early childhood memories is of listening to the white-throated sparrows near our house sing to each other on hot summer days. I also used to feed bread to the swans and ducks in Cheboygan, MI, with my grandparents – I enjoyed it so much they would save bread for weeks for just this purpose. I even recall them purchasing a loaf just for me, when all the stale stuff had been tossed and I was … sad.

So watching these ducks on the great Green Lake was a nice reminder of past delights.

Scatter Joy. Duck soup. Ducks float on Green Lake.
Duck soup.

Scatter Joy. Close-up of a duck.

Scatter Joy. Two ducks float on silver-blue water.

Scatter Joy. American Coot swim toward shore.
American Coot. (Not technically a duck, but still cute.)
Scatter Joy. A man on a stand-up paddleboard. YOLO.

Scatter Joy. Duck on Green Lake.

Scatter Joy. Branches and clouds reflect in Green Lake.

Scatter Joy. Ducks float on placid Green Lake.

Scatter Joy. Brown ducks float in Green Lake.
Scatter Joy. Branches reflect in the surface of Green Lake.
Branches reflect in the surface of Green Lake.
Scatter Joy. Angel cloud over Green Lake.
An angel cloud hovers over the lake.

Thanks for joining me on my trip to Seattle’s Green Lake! I hope you’ve found these posts to be … just ducky!



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