Scatter Joy. Eagle flying over Green Lake.

Green Lake Avians: Part 1

As I am wont to do when I’m reeling from a break-up, I took a stroll around Green Lake this weekend. Nestled gem-like in North Central Seattle, Green Lake is an urban park that offers recreation of all types, from basketball to rollerblading to people-watching.

A friend once called it “vortex of energy.” Indeed, it does seem to have it’s own centrifugal force, drawing people from all walks of life in to stroll around the lake’s three mile perimeter, watering dogs, drinking coffee and talking about their lives.

I wasn’t sure if the weather would cooperate and allow me to take decent photos (the clouds were rolling around in the sky, blocking the sun and then letting it burst through in epic sun streams) but it did and I got so many that I’m pleased with I decided to make this triple post.

Part 1: Feeding the birds.

Scatter Joy. Green Lake, feeding the birds

I ran into this couple just as I arrived at the park. I’ve never seen anyone (lady below, I’m talking to you!) so happy to toss bread to a bunch birds. So of course I took lots pictures and enjoyed the mêlée!

Scatter Joy. Feeding the birds.


Scatter Joy. Crow eating.
Crow eating.

S/he was not the only hungry one…

Scatter Joy. Squirrel next to a "no swimming" sign.
No swimming.

This squirrel kind of freaked me out. It came right up to me, as though I was the one dolling out the scraps. I tried to keep my cool, though.

Scatter Joy. Close-up of a squirrel.
Vicious beast eating bread.
Scatter Joy. A woman feeds the birds at Green Lake.
Pure joy.
Scatter Joy. Lone seagull.
Lone seagull.

Scatter Joy. Feeding the birds at Green Lake.

Eventually I had to say goodbye. Though not before this guy made an appearance.

Scatter Joy. Eagle flying over Green Lake.
Yeah, you better run, squirrel. Eagle’s on the lookout!

Scatter Joy. Cloud masses over Green Lake.

Until tomorrow…



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