Scatter Joy Golden sunlight glimmers on a shallow pond

Resolutions: 2017 edition

Scatter Joy Golden sunlight glimmers on a shallow pond

2016 has been characterized by many people this year as bad. Very bad. A torrid election, the loss of many great minds and global violence have coalesced into what feels like a collective bad dream. So it’s challenging for me to imagine a brighter 2017. It feels like every value I’ve ever had has been turned on its head this year, and on topics ranging from health care to women’s rights to romance.

And yet…

I can’t help but look to 2017 as a new start, a clean sweep, a year to put into action all the things I’ve been meaning to get done. It’s like a fanciful mirage, tempting me, calling “Robin, come join me and be your very best self, finally. Achieve your potential. You can do it.”

And so…

In the spirit of hope, wonder, enlightenment and yes, joy, I present you with my 2017 resolutions:

  1. Host one social gathering per month. I hope this will help me to reduce scroll-time on the book of faces and strengthen my friendships.
  2. Write a blog for at least one year and see what happens.
  3. Find a dance outlet. I’ve been seriously craving some time to stretch, flex and get agile. Also, I haven’t been making a fool of myself enough lately – taking life too seriously. Time to bust a move, people!
  4. Cut sugar…ish. Can I go cold-turkey? I honestly don’t think so. But I’m going to try, try, try to cut back. Because it’s bad for you.
  5. Get 100% well. I’ve been sick off and on for almost a year. And I pulled a muscle three times this summer. The same muscle. And I just need to…feel like myself.
  6. Bonus: Get a couch. Because my current one stresses me out.
    • It’s ugly.
    • It’s old.
    • It’s embarrassing.
    • It’s small.
    • It was given to me by people who could have treated me better.

*I should add, though, that purchasing a couch is also a bit stressful. Expensive! How to deliver it? What size/style/brand, etc. You can see why this is on the list.

I chose these things because I think they will help me to be that better, happier, calmer-yet-more-fancy-free woman that I’d like to be. They are not world-changing, I admit it. But maybe they will be life-changing, or, at least if I work towards them, they may make for a more fulfilling life.

I only hope my mirage is more than a shimmer on the horizon.

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