Green pines and gold leaves intertwine

Pioneer Park

I recently took a stroll through Pioneer Park, on Mercer Island, near Seattle. It’s a large city park (113 acres!) with winding, muddy trails (at least in December) and trees galore.

Sunlight pierces the trees in a winter forest


There’s even a disgruntled barred owl who apparently doesn’t care for visitors! Fortunately I didn’t meet said owl, as he or she is known to dive-bomb park-goers. Of course I found the park warning sign regarding the avian on my way back to the car…

Light piercing through rows of straight trees

I had the good fortune to be there around dusk, when the light was like magic through the forest.

Gold light plays through the tall green pines

It is truly a special place to visit. And, on the way home, a little treat in the form of hot cocoa. This bird was more festive – and safer – than the barred owl!

A hand holds a Starbucks cup with a bird and holiday berries on it

Also on the ride back, I spotted this amazing orange-colored tree blazing in the last light.

Orange tree branches glow in the light

‘Twas a glorious day to be a Pacific Northwesterner!




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